Florida is the port of entry of many drug trafficking activities.

Florida is known for its wonderful theme parks, beaches, and food. And it’s also notorious for drug traffickers bringing dangerous substances into the US. Colombia is the main producer of cocaine– the most used drug in Florida.

The state has all kinds of transportation–by air and sea– bringing drugs across the state. That’s the reason people in Florida can be easily exposed to drugs– and accused of being involved.
●  Before the end of the first quarter of 2021, there were 30 pounds of cocaine seized– amounting to $330,000
● A few days after the incident, a group of Florida drug traffickers was convicted for another large-scale cocaine operations
● At the start of the second quarter of 2021, a man has been arrested after he picked up a FedEx package containing 258 grams of cocaine

Drug trafficking crimes are common. Are you at riskof gettingroped in?

Florida is known for its wonderful theme parks, beaches, and food. And it’s also notorious for drug traffickers bringing dangerous substances into the US. Colombia is the main producer of cocaine– the most used drug in Florida.

If you discover that you’re the subject of a drug trafficking investigation, you need to work with a competent attorney to defend you.

These are the common drug trafficking crimes you can be accused of:
● Manufacturing, delivering, possessing, trafficking, or selling of a controlled substance
● Possessing a controlled substance with the intent to sell, manufacture, or distribute
● Falsely obtaining or prescribing a controlled substance

Already accused? These are the penalties you face

The government is now taking massive action to crack down on drug crimes all across the state. They’re imposing harsher penalties and taking extreme measures to prosecute guilty individuals.

Penalties for drug trafficking
● Prison: Even for first time offenders, prison sentences in cases of drug trafficking can be for more than a year.
   – Up to 25 years jail time
   – Mandatory minimum sentences
● Fines: Fines associated with drug trafficking offenses are pretty hefty
  ○ State convictions can commonly result in fines of $25,000 to $100,000 or more.
  ○ Federal drug trafficking convictions can see fines in the hundreds of thousands at the least.
● Probation: Probation can be possible in some drug trafficking cases, but this is usually only an option as part of a plea bargain, where the offender agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge. The penalty could also be a combination of any of the above, so keep in mind that it is unlikely for you to get just one of the above as a punishment. The penalties for drug trafficking will depend on many factors, such as:
● Quantity of the drug
● Type of drug
● Your past criminal history

Drug conviction can impact all areas of your life

Once a drug conviction appears on your record, it can be difficult to have it sealed or expunged.
● It negatively affects your immigration status
● It eliminates your chances for certain types of future employment
● It affects your school, your work, and even your family

Work with an expert drug lawyer in Miami Florida

Attorney Orlando Rodriguez has represented hundreds of people with different types of drug cases. From simple possession, trafficking, manufacturing, and distributing large quantities of drugs. He’s knowledgeable of the Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure law. This reason alone makes him qualified to represent you or your family member accused of a drug crime. He’s well aware that oftentimes, police officers would perform unlawful searches of homes and vehicles. He has accumulated years of experience in doing drug crime defense. This has given attorney Orlando Rodriguez the ability to:
● Spot legal issues
● Seek out the truth in depositions
● File appropriate motions to suppress the evidence

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug trafficking offense, your best move is to secure the advice of an experienced attorney

Why choose us?

You protect your rights

Hiring a criminal defense attorney in Miami is the first and best step toward protecting your
rights. In the area of drug trafficking cases, attorney Orlando Rodriguez has the experience to defend you in the best possible way.

● Judges can force a respondent to attend 26 domestic violence classes over the course of 6 months
● You will surrender your firearms.
● Worst of all, it could really limit your ability to see your children.

You avoid workplace discrimination

Oftentimes, people face discrimination from their employers when facing drug charges. These are adversely treated by the non-legal community. Our attorney goes the extra mile to help you maneuver potential problems that can occur because of charges like these.

You become more prepared for possible mandatory jailtime

There’s a possibility for you to face mandatory jail time when involved in drug cases. If you
find yourself in this situation, our attorney can help you seek legal ways for your family to maintain your property that might be seized after incarceration

You avoid crippling penaltie

You lessen the chances of you being charged with hefty payments. We don’t want you to break the bank just to break free of these charges.

Let a defense lawyer discuss your drug trafficking legal options.

Attorney Orlando Rodriguez's approach to drug trafficking cases

Our lawyer has a successful track record of handling drug trafficking cases over the years. He triumphantly defended clients in the state of Florida facing the following drug charges:

● Possession, selling, distribution, transporting, cultivation, and manufacturing of:
 ○Crystal meth (including running meth labs)
 ○Prescription drugs such as Vicodin, Valium, Percocet, and OxyContin
● Obtaining a controlled substance by fraud or forgery
● Maintaining a dwelling or motor vehicle to store drugs
●Illegal use of prescription drugs
●Possession of drug paraphernalia

Work with us!

It’s important to get legal assistance right away. Your immigration status, career opportunities, property, and family are at stake. You want to be safe from lengthy prison sentences and drug convictions. With more than a decade of experience and a successful track record in handling drug cases– we will immediately start looking into the facts of your case to determine all possible defense strategies