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Orlando Rodríguez is an experienced criminal defense attorney based out of Miami Florida who works aggressively and passionately for his clients. He’s respected by judges, prosecutors, court clerks, and other lawyers in Miami.

He prides himself on practicing exclusively in the field of criminal law. It’s very important to have an attorney who only practices one field of litigation. He can fight for you and give you the best criminal defense.

All clients are given the personal phone number of Attorney Rodríguez so that he can be reached in case of an emergency.

Mr. Rodriguez has a history of success in defense from drug trafficking, driving under the influence, domestic violence, insurance, and credit card fraud, among other criminal offenses.

He’s a skilled and dedicated attorney who’s not afraid of difficult cases or going to trial. He’s persistent and he won’t simply accept a state attorney settlement.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Miami, call our office for experienced legal representation and personalized service

Orlando Rodríguez

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Orlando Rodríguez will protect you from legal fines and penalties.

  • Leverage 15+ years of legal experience
  • Understand your options. Avoid penalties whenever possible.
  • Prevent the getting swept up by the system and getting taken advantage of.
  • Gain perspective and see the bigger picture in your case.
  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that what can be done, will be done.

Some charges dropped against teacher accused of having inappropriate relationship with teen

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“Orlando Rodriguez is your trusted criminal defense attorney”

Our Practice Areas

Driving Offenses

One minute you are out celebrating with family and friends, enjoying a good time and the next minute, you find yourself in the back of a police car, charged with a DUI. Life can change in an instant. A DUI arrest can bring with it lifelong repercussions. Florida’s Driving Under the Influence laws (DUI) are…

Drug Related Offenses

Defense for drug trafficking charges Work with our expert defense attorney in Miami withmore than a decade ofexperience. Florida is the port of entry of many drug trafficking activities. Florida is known for its wonderful theme parks, beaches, and food. And it’s also notorious for drug traffickers bringing dangerous substances into the US. Colombia is…

Domestic Violence

Minimize consequences for domestic violence charges. This can be overwhelming. We’re here to assist and provide you with the foundation you need to make decisions. Work with a skilled and trial-proven domestic violence attorney in Miami. How can someone be charged with domestic violence? Domestic violence involves an act of abuse on a “family or…


Your fraud case needs immediate action The wisest move you can make if you are facing state or federal fraud accusations isto speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Call us immediately for a free case evaluation, whether you are presently under investigation or have already been arrested for fraud.Fraud Charges In Florida Florida fraud…

Robbery, Theft & Burglary

Get Persistent Defense With A Robbery, Theft and Burglary Attorney Secure a professional criminal defense attorney and obtain the legal advice you need to make the best defense decisions. Your future–and your family’s–is on the line Defend your rights Robbery, theft, and burglary charges damages one’s reputation even when the accusations are false and not…


PPP LOAN FRAUD Federal prosecutors have already begun investigating cases and bringing charges for a variety of PPP and EIDL fraud-related crimes. Particularly, they are targeting people who allegedly used these funds for personal expenses or who allegedly made a false statement to influence the Small Business Administration (SBA) to give them the loan.If you or your…


You Do Have Options Even if you’re facing a case with a fair amount of evidence, you should know: You have options Violent crimes could leave a stain on your record. We’ll help you fight your charges. Contact Atty. Orlando Rodriguez today .Violent crimes cases in Florida Offenses that involve the use or threat of…

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